In our workshops situated in the historical engineering heartland of the North East of England we design manufacture and build tuning machines for guitars of all genres, mandolins and ukuleles.


Our machines are produced to the highest possible standards using a subtle fusion of old fashioned ‘hands on’ craftsmanship and artistry combined with modern technology. Where the ultimate quality is demanded in terms of an instrument’s build then that should surely reflect in the quality of the tuning machines. This is where Robson Tuners take the driving seat and lead the field in elegant uncompromising functional design , using superb quality materials and second to none build quality. The result of this is that we constantly strive to maintain the ultimate quality of our craft and it is our mission to produce the world’s finest tuning machines in order to compliment the amazing standard of the luthiers art.


We have been immensely privileged to work alongside some of the world’s greatest luthiers who elevate instrument building to never before seen levels. We have produced tuners used by leading musicians throughout the world. From the solo performance platform to rock arena. We are incredibly proud to be able to state that some of our work is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. We are equally humbled that the above is the result of such people choosing to use our tuners and we determine to continue to provide the ultimate standard of workmanship that made such people make that decision.


In the early years of this century as guitar devotees and players ourselves we noticed there was a dearth of high quality tuners on the market. Drawing on our engineering background we began looking at making some classical tuners. The thought at the time was that there were all these high end guitar makers making expensive well made instruments, however they seemed to be using bog-standard tuners: the sort of machines that would be found on instruments that sold for a lot less money. So for us it was about redressing that balance.

Slowly but surely as the product improved the makers came to recognise us and begin to use our machines. It has been a long process with a steep learning curve, nevertheless we remain very grateful to the hardy band that supported us then in the early days and indeed continue to do so. Through absolute determination and sheer hard work we have reached the stage we are at today with multiple models available for not only guitars , but mandolins and ukuleles also having their own high end range of tuners. For the most part it has been a labour of love and as for the future we intend to continue to expand our range and provide makers and players alike with the ultimate in hand made tuning machines.